Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Residue (my MFA show)

i used a preexisting column in the gallery space to create a corner environment.
the dining side. seven place settings.
the table has embedded round mirrors so the underside of select plate rims can be viewed.
the kitchen side.
cabinet full of dishes & counter top with clean dishes arranged in a "dirty" sort of way.

statement that accompanies the show:

A thin dark hair emerges into your sight from underneath the green beans. You notice a spot of residue on the dinner plate and a stain on the rim of a cup. A gut reaction of repulsion sets in. You start looking closer. The white on white dinnerware patterns of stripes and polka dots can subtly shift to barcodes and sink drains. Are you just being paranoid or is that a dirty fingerprint? What is really clean?

Monday, May 12, 2008

current work.

here are three pieces (with details) to represent some of the work in my thesis show.
the settings are photographed on wood placemats with embedded mirrors to highlight some nasty bits.

stay tuned for more...