Monday, May 25, 2009

east coast craft fair tour.

foldedpigs & lusterbunny are hittin' the road next week! we're heading out east for two super lovely craft fairs.

first up: June 6-7: Renegade Brooklyn!

my first time at this fair, and i'm really really excited.
(however, i'm not really excited to drive in nyc.)

second stop: June 13& 14th: Art for the Cash Poor, Philadelphia

i was at this show last year and am looking forward to it again!in preparation for the trip, lotsa little things need to be done...intern wanda & i tag teamed the gocco and printed shopping bags.

and of course...a whole lotta decaling is happening!departure is next wednesday...still a ton to do!

the studio dogs are not the greatest at helping, but they do win for being the cutest nappers.

Friday, May 15, 2009

ceramics Storque article

i'm busy busy getting ready for renegade brooklyn craft fair. i was notified that foldedpigs is mentioned in this etsy storque article written by Jeff Campana.

Ceramics and Pottery: Facts and Fancies (Part 2)

in other Super Duper Cupcake Cups postcard is finished! the fresh prints are en route to me right now!
the backside of the cards list all the directions for use.
mr. patrick sullivan designed these for me.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

super duper cupcake cups!

i figured out that the cups i use for my foldedpigs line, are perfect for baking treats in! i baked two batches of funfetti cupcakes in the cups. then team intern and i did some heavy duty decorating!

before:decorating commences: paul figured out a sweet sprinkle stenciling system.
mariko became a pro at piping mini flowers:
some of the finished product!
the skull set...ready to serve!
after decorating mania, i did a little photo shoot. mr. patrick sullivan will be designing a kick ass promotional postcard for these bad boys.
i'll share once it's all done.

p.s. they were oh so yummy!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

collections in kitchens.

i have been looking for a house to buy since january. i've looked at a ton online and a ton in person. i saved these two photos of someone's kitchen on my computer desktop about 2 months ago and decided to finally post about them. i never looked at the house (can't remember why) and unfortunately i can't tell you whose house this is (located somewhere in the kansas city vicinity).

the first thing that stood out was the red table and chairs...i have these too! but mine are sparkly red like a carnival ride. second the souviner plate collection.

i really do love the way the plates are displayed.
and the sheer number of them is appealing.i ended up finding a house this past week. it happened oh so quickly...saw the house around 11am, made another visit around 1pm. 2:30pm the offer was made and 3pm the offer was accepted! i am excited and freaked out at the same time. the kitchen is much different than this one, but i have already started to mentally plot out how to display my collections.