Monday, May 25, 2009

east coast craft fair tour.

foldedpigs & lusterbunny are hittin' the road next week! we're heading out east for two super lovely craft fairs.

first up: June 6-7: Renegade Brooklyn!

my first time at this fair, and i'm really really excited.
(however, i'm not really excited to drive in nyc.)

second stop: June 13& 14th: Art for the Cash Poor, Philadelphia

i was at this show last year and am looking forward to it again!in preparation for the trip, lotsa little things need to be done...intern wanda & i tag teamed the gocco and printed shopping bags.

and of course...a whole lotta decaling is happening!departure is next wednesday...still a ton to do!

the studio dogs are not the greatest at helping, but they do win for being the cutest nappers.

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