Sunday, August 16, 2009


the Kansas City Star has been good to me the past couple of weeks.

first up, an article about tattoos and art in the sunday (8.9.09) House & Home section...i'm not really a part of the article per say, but there's a pic of my tattooed arm with a foldedpigs Super Duper Cupcake Cup!
The Tattoo & The Place Mat
secondly, an article on the Pecha Kucha Night i participated in last month. The article from this sunday (8.16.09) starts out with a little description of my says i'm funny! they like me, they really really like me!
Pecha Kucha Night: 6 min 40 sec

Saturday, August 15, 2009

confectionary slaughterhouse
i saw this on a posted facebook link and KNEW i had to blog about it immediately. HUMAN BREAD!
Kittiwat Unarrom (Potharam, Thailand) is the mastermind behind this work.
"When people see the bread, they don't want to eat it. But when they taste it, it's just normal bread," he said. "The lesson is 'don't judge just by outer appearances."
i LOVE this.