Sunday, November 27, 2011

foldedpigs at the Renegade Craft Fair

it's that time again - renegade here i come!
foldedpigs will have a booth this upcoming weekend in chicago. i'm located in one of the rooms upstairs at the pulaski park fieldhouse.

Monday, November 14, 2011


we're having an open studio sale!
stop by and have a snack while you shop for great gifts from:
Meredith Host : Rain Harris : Paul Donnelly
foldedpigs dinnerware : lusterbunny jewelry

there will be great sales on our work as well as on quality seconds! just in time for the holidays!

meredith host:

rain harris:

paul donnelly:

foldedpigs dinnerware:
lusterbunny jewelry:
708 E 31st Street, KCMO 64109
friday: 5:30-8p
saturday: 10-4pm

Monday, November 7, 2011

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

by the power of greyskull

it's that time of the year again...the obligatory halloween post:

for a few years now i've wanted to get a group together to be he-man characters. i claimed teela - the head of the royal army and had 2 others join my crew: he-man & the sorceress.

first off...reference photos...
teela. action figure & cartoon. i went for a hybrid of both.
the sorceress & he-man.i was quite proud of myself to have busted out my sewing machine that i don't know how to use. my roommate kelley gave me a tutorial, and holy craft! i sewed! he-man & battlecat over saw the process.
i built teela's snake battle gear out of cardboard & duct tape. i saved a bunch of toilet paper & paper towel rolls to make the cobra staff and edging on the armor.
a couple of crafternoons later and here we are...
miss amelia as the sorceress, me as teela, and miss whitney as he-man himself.
snake battle gear.