Saturday, August 27, 2011

cup board, mugs, & tumblers, oh my!

as a maker of objects, i am also a collector of objects. this will be the first of my collection posts - so watch out for more soon.

first up: CUPS!

this cup board has been a project in the works for awhile - now it's finished with the help of the amazing paul donnelly. it's mounted in my kitchen and looks lovely if i do say so myself.

cup placement will change as the collection grows.
if building your own cup board and you plan on painting suggestion: paint all the boards before assembling and once it's put together just touch up paint. getting this sucker painted was the BIGGEST thorn in my side.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

collaborating is fun!

i made some work at watershed BUT, i really just wanted to decorate... which spawned a couple collaborations to take place. here's the first project. it started with dylan beck finding a couple objects from watershed's factory. he built 3 box like structures to fit into one of the objects.
now here's where i come in... DECORATING TIME.
i chose to use the Dot Dot Doily pattern from my collection. i was debating between this and another pattern - but on a trip to town we stopped at a church basement/rummage sale. their bathroom had the Dot Dot Doily pattern for their paper towels, so i took it as a sign.
after all 3 were decorated - assembly started.
glazing. team work is key people.collaborating is fun!after once firing. i love the reddish orange of the watershed brick clay.the finished piece.this piece is now on display at ann street gallery in newburgh, ny as part of the exhibition: Breaking Boundaries: A Survey of Contemporary Ceramics

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


i spent the last two weeks at watershed and had a BLAST!queen anne's lace in full effect on the way down to the factory.

not only did i get to go swimming, jump off rocks, drink my favorite root beer, eat ice cream, go on nature walks, and hang out with an awesome group...i also made some stuff in the studio! more posts to follow.