Monday, December 22, 2008

gimme some sugar baby

yes, i would like a little coffee with my cream and sugar please.
sweet tooth creamer and sugar set.

i was invited to participate in a creamer sugar set show at the carbondale clay center in january.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


renegade was a success and a whirlwind of a weekend! thanks to everyone who came out for the sale. i was not prepared for the chicago weather as i did not bring sensible shoes for snow. and unfortunately i believe i brought back the nasty chicago weather to kansas city. sorry kcmo. please forgive me.

some shots of my booth from day 2 of renegade.
while in chicago, i was introduced to the candy/ice cream shop "Margie's Candies". one word: amazing. check out the presentation of my caramel banana split. they use huge clam shell dishes and yes, that's a gravy boat full of caramel. they are the home of the world's largest sundae(half gallon of ice cream), called the Atomic Sundae. two thumbs up.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


i'm sad to say i probably will not be attending NCECA in pheonix this year. while poking around the NCECA website, i discovered that some images from the 2008 juried student show from pittsburgh this past conference have been added. they included an image of my chomp setting although it was not the piece they selected. hmmm... check it out!

chomp setting was from the series i completed right before my residue thesis work. here is one version of it, on the NCECA website is a slightly different version.