Sunday, October 30, 2011

fevere bread bowl

why lookie here... one of my shallow bowls is now the olive oil bowl for bread samples at Fevere Bakery.
if you're in Kansas City and you haven't tried fevere bread - well then, you're missing out - get to it! i used to eat their delicious breads until i found out i was celiac. :( now i just enjoy the smell of them.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Heck Yes Craft

julie k hanus of American Craft Magazine posted a "Heck Yes Craft" blog post about my work today! totally rad! it's a precursor to the article she wrote about my work that will be in the december/january issue.

from the American Craft website:
Heck Yes Craft is a series of visual blog posts with a simple mission: to show off amazing work. Come back every Friday for more.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

watershed: tumblers

while at watershed this summer, i threw a few tumblers with the watershed clay body. memories of working with this clay while making my 2005 salad days plates came flooding back. there are little bits (sometimes big bits) of "magic" (aka rocks) in the terracotta. i quickly remembered why i press molded the 500 salad plates and did not throw them. after making these 6 cups, i switched to hand building.

the tumblers in the greenware state. the iron in the clay is green, but fires red.
the tumblers fired. i'll going to further investigate a darker color palette.

i love the orange-red color of the unglazed clay.
the bright orange specks are embedded glaze in the divots where i dug out the "magic" bits.