Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pecha Kucha Night #6

pecha kucha #6 was a rousing success! there was a blog post about it on the main pecah kucha website.
i was 3rd in the lineup of 9. my whole presentation was a whirlwind...i barely even remember being up there. turns out 6 min 40 sec goes by even quicker than you'd imagine... being blinded by a spotlight helped.

the crowd at cross town station.

the mouse turds look gigantic on a large screen.
you know i had to talk about horror movies!

Monday, July 13, 2009


don't ask me how to pronounce it as i really am not sure, but i am participating in the Pecha Kucha: Kansas City #6 this Thursday July 16th at Crosstown Station. i'm billed as a ceramist/roller derby chick (they added the last part).
it's freeeeeeee!

i'm in a lineup of other presenters where we each give a slide presentation of 20 slides/20 seconds each. which makes a 6 min 40 sec presentation (did i do the math right?). more on it courtesy of the main Pecha Kucha website.

now i gotta get my presentation together.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

east coast craft fair tour. RECAP!

well...i feel like a slacker...we've been back from the whirlwind trip out east for two weeks now. this week should be full of updates to make up for the non-posting weeks.
renegade was awesome: met a ton of people, picked up some nifty things, saw a lot of french bulldogs (which made me miss my little olive), forgot to eat due to being busy, attempted to avoid the sun...lusterbunny & foldedpigs were in a sweet lineup of vendors. nice neighbors indeed!
renegade was held at mccarrin park in brooklyn. i knew we were going to be set up around a track, but for some reason i didn't expect people to actually be using it. there were a ton of runners and numerous soccer games happening throughout the weekend. there were a few rogue soccer balls that managed to hit our booths. thankfully no damages.

it took a few days of recovery in philly. the week ended with Art for the Cash Poor at the Crane Arts building. after the long brooklyn weekend, it was awesome to be inside and have a quick easy one table set up. here was a quick snap of my table.
more to come regarding the week in philly. it was packed full of good times and sweet sites to see!