Wednesday, June 25, 2008

philly and the joy of water ice

my trip to philadelphia was a success.

i dropped off my piece for The Fifth Annual Marge Brown Kalodner Graduate Student Exhibition.
you can see my Hair Dinner Setting from july
3 - july 27
at the clay studio.

timing just happened to be right and i was able to witness some of my work in the gallery shop window.
i participated in Art for the Cash Poor 9 at the Crane Arts Building.
this was my first art/craft fair of sorts with my foldedpigs ware.
the carload home was much lighter with one stack of plates left. woo hoo.
the display photo below was from the beginning of the 2nd day.

and last but not least...
i was introduced to the infamous water ice.
as a fan of ice cream treats, i gave it two thumbs up.