Saturday, November 13, 2010

halloween 2010: tetris style

before it's too late to still talk about halloween...i feel the need to share our homemade group costume this year. TETRIS!

fabrication began friday night. paul & i bound the boxes together - rain measured & cut the paper.paul spray mounted while i was in charge of the black duct taping.
i dry run of the costumes - franklin helped out too.
the stack of the 6 pieces finished!

in full effect!
tom, rain, me, paul, amy, brandl


i shipped out new work to Baltimore Clayworks Winterfest early last week. here's the card & info.
oo la la! my plates made it on the card!

...and here's the new card to the Surface + Form exhibition in conjunction with the Potter's Council Workshop where i will be presenting at the end of January at Funke Fired Arts in cincinnati.
you can sign up here!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


i have a gravy boat in the 50 GRAVY BOATS SHOW!

my boat already sold which is exciting. :) check out all the boats...
it's an auction, so place a bid!

the mission statement of the show:
to reestablish the place of the gravy boat on the table of ceramic art