Saturday, August 20, 2011

collaborating is fun!

i made some work at watershed BUT, i really just wanted to decorate... which spawned a couple collaborations to take place. here's the first project. it started with dylan beck finding a couple objects from watershed's factory. he built 3 box like structures to fit into one of the objects.
now here's where i come in... DECORATING TIME.
i chose to use the Dot Dot Doily pattern from my collection. i was debating between this and another pattern - but on a trip to town we stopped at a church basement/rummage sale. their bathroom had the Dot Dot Doily pattern for their paper towels, so i took it as a sign.
after all 3 were decorated - assembly started.
glazing. team work is key people.collaborating is fun!after once firing. i love the reddish orange of the watershed brick clay.the finished piece.this piece is now on display at ann street gallery in newburgh, ny as part of the exhibition: Breaking Boundaries: A Survey of Contemporary Ceramics

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