Tuesday, May 5, 2009

super duper cupcake cups!

i figured out that the cups i use for my foldedpigs line, are perfect for baking treats in! i baked two batches of funfetti cupcakes in the cups. then team intern and i did some heavy duty decorating!

before:decorating commences: paul figured out a sweet sprinkle stenciling system.
mariko became a pro at piping mini flowers:
some of the finished product!
the skull set...ready to serve!
after decorating mania, i did a little photo shoot. mr. patrick sullivan will be designing a kick ass promotional postcard for these bad boys.
i'll share once it's all done.

p.s. they were oh so yummy!


McCusack said...

Nice. Going to try that with the cup I have and perhaps going to order one of those, as this one is tough to drink coffee out of.

Wanda Marie Wolmar said...

I would of never thought of that!
Damn...I missed cupcakes.=]