Saturday, November 1, 2008


hey spuds! are we not men?
i have been dreaming about this halloween group costume for some time now (2 years or so) and am psyched to see it through! this week in studio i was a bit distracted because of halloween, my favorite holiday. so honestly, my effort this week was getting the group and materials together to pull this off.

welcome to the world of de-evolution and DEVOCOM.
we ended up mixing and matching devo fashion styles through the ages. so we were "DEVO's greatest hits".

yellow jumpsuits were needed...franklin wanted to attack the yeti in the studio. rain and i did a bunch of dye tests to these coverall painting suits. the numerous dyes did not take. spray paint became the colorant of choice. the group had a bit of a crafternoon or more of a crafterevening. tom and paul sprayed the suits, and amy cut out the DEVO stencils for the suit lettering.
after figuring out the energy dome hat measurements (math is hard!) we compassed and cut out the cardboard circles and used strips of posterboard for the sides. enter the massive amounts of packing tape. rain and i got into a rythmn with the circle construction.
the bottom hat ring was cut to accommodate each individuals head size and the stacked circles were attached with MORE packing tape. red spray paint provided the finishing super shiny touch.
rain modeling an energy dome pre-spray paint. black duct tape/industrial velcro belts and cardboard/pipe cleaner glasses made up the accessories to complete the outfit.
the final product. we are DEVO. D-E-V-O. the group: rain, paul, meredith, amy, tom.
you think we like wearing these? we HAVE to wear them.

overall a HUGE hit. we only were mistaken for "the cars" once. ha!

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Jonny said...

I love it! Nice work Vomit!