Monday, April 20, 2009

blackwell's thrift store: kcmo

jackpot! rain & paul introduced me to a gem of a "thrift store". it's really more of an antique housewares store.lord knows how much i like kitchen ware. it's pretty amazing...if you need an iron, there's a whole shelving unit fill of them. need a replacement yellow pyrex mixing bowl? there's a stack of 7! (i regret not taking pictures of the massive section of pyrex mixing bowls.)
here are the rolling pin & pots 'n pans sections.

jello molds!
the visit was a successful one. i found a sweet cake plate and metal tray that will show up in a photo shoot in the near future. stay tuned...


McCusack said...

You are way too excited about this.

Wanda Marie Wolmar said...

Noone can be too excited over something like that. will need to show me this store. *nods*