Wednesday, January 20, 2010

renegade update: long overdue!

rain & i traveled to chicago in the beginning of december for the renegade holiday craft fair. a bag of weird cheetos was purchased at a gas station, called chester's puffcorn.

who would have thought it would keep us entertained during the long drive. it pretty much seemed like the puffcorns were the end cast offs of the cheese puff machine. what to do with these weird things? make them a new product! they kinda are like cloud animals...sooo...i give you the cheese puff animals.
and now back to the serious stuff. the show was a success!
here are a couple images of my display.
ok, back to the silliness.
the whirlwind weekend was over and as we were packing up and leaving the fair, we managed to sneak in a couple quick photo booth pictures. we were NOT prepared for the first round of pictures...we realized the machine was already taking pictures while we were still getting settled. doh!
please see below.
this was by far the best set.

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my santo said...

i love the puff animals i espcially love the greasy shadow left on the dashboard, sweet road trips are made of these types of things.

going to kansas city, kansas city here i come! i'll be in your area feb13-20! anything fun to do? do you have a derby bout? i wanna come check out your whole deal. send my love to rain and paul.

see you soon.