Friday, July 8, 2011

the thrill of the hunt

i hunt for taxidermy - it's not the real hunting part - i let others do that for me. i just hunt for the mounts they want to get rid of! soon i will post my collection, most of it resides in my dining room.
for the 2nd year in a row i attended a taxidermy auction in mid-missouri. it's quite an extensive auction from many private collections around the country.

an impressive spread indeed!

i went to the auction with the goal is bringing some smaller mounts home. smaller like these little duikers, steinbucks, dik diks, and oribi.
i would love love love a warthog but the bidding gets a little too rich for my blood. maybe one's a quick video of the auction process - bidding is for a pheasant.

my winnings this year included a giant kudu. i really didn't consider his size and i'm honestly not sure i can fit him in my house. i meant to only bid on smaller mounts but, well, i have always wanted a kudu.the other 3 mounts that i brought home: steinbuck, duiker & black bear.soon i'll share pictures of the entire collection. i now have 29 mounts...mostly shoulder, but a few full body mounts.

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