Monday, December 26, 2011

American Craft Dec/Jan 2012

yay! the article Julie Hanus wrote about my work is on the news stands! i love that ron swanson is on the cover - i'm a parks and rec is the article online: Product Placement: Connect the Dots by julie hanus
la la la la.
(get it? pee wee reference - couldn't help myself.)

the opening paragraph...
It's easy to get drawn into Meredith Host's cheerful Dot Dot Dash dinnerware. Patterns fluctuate and recur in layers blooming with luscious color: turquoise washes, apricot polka dots, chartreuse bands. The effect - riotous yet refined, citrus-fresh yet almost familiar - invites the eye to linger.


claydancer said...

This is a very nice article. I love your work!

Naomi Cleary said...

awesome article meredith. famous!