Sunday, August 1, 2010

cloud talk building part 2

i have mentioned my dream building before (here) and i'll mention it again. it's the old luzier cosmetics factory & i drive by it almost everyday.

it was designed by Nelle Peters, who designed quite a few awesome buildings in Kansas City.
today was an awesome day. i happened to notice as i was driving by that the back door was propped open. (yes, i'm a building stalker) i wandered in and was happy to find that the building is actually in use! victor owns the building & runs a restoration company. his workshop is in the building & when i ran into him he was working on a plaster architectural form for a historic building. we had a lovely chat and i was given the grand tour. i took a few pictures of the interior.
it's still a really raw space. victor's workshop is all on the 1st floor, and the 2nd floor is completely empty.
the larger side - 2nd floor
smaller side - 2nd floor

victor in his workshop on the 1st floor.

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