Saturday, August 14, 2010

summer update #3 : intro to taxidermy

i'm not sure if i've mentioned it before, but i am a huge fan of taxidermy. growing up my mom started a taxidermy collection with a deer shoulder mount from an antique mall. the deer was mounted on the front of the house - soon after an antelope joined the deer. in order to complete "home on the range", a buffalo head joined the others.
so yeah, we were the weirdos on the block with dead animals on their house.home on the range.

i started my own collection about a year & a half ago. my dining room is the taxidermy room....and man o man, it is looking good if i do say so myself! i still need to hang up some of mounts, and as soon as i do - pictures will be posted. the last few months i kinda have gone into a taxidermy frenzy - which ended with attending a taxidermy auction in the middle of missouri.
not my room unfortunately. this is just one small section of the auction.

it was AWESOME. it was my first time with a real auctioneer and it took about an hour for me to figure out what was going on and another hour before i had the guts to bid on anything.

this whole room was covered with shoulder mounts. it was incredibly overwhelming. i ended up bringing home a few gems.
and like i said soon as all my mounts are up, i'll post pictures.

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