Thursday, October 7, 2010

Potter's Council: Surface & Form

i'm pleased to announce that i will be one of the presenters at the Potter's Council Conference in January 2011 at Funke Fired Arts in Cincinnati.
Learn How to Add Depth of Pattern to Your Work
Meredith will focus on her surface decorating process. Most all of her decoration happens before the bisque firing. This includes underglazes and slip for trailing, thermofax screen printing, and stencils. After the glaze firing, Meredith fires a third time with homemade iron oxide decals for one last layer. This process of adding multiple layers allow the work to have a depth of pattern and an intricate, complex surface. This method of multiple firing allows the work to be less precious and gives one an opportunity to play around with layering. It also provides an opportunity to reclaim or save a piece that is not to your liking by adding another layer of visual information.

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