Friday, October 1, 2010

summer update part 4: the final chapter

ok ok, so it's not really summer's most definitely fall now but i think i have to do one final summer recap.

foldedpigs across the nation. the indie craft fair circuit is over. phew...a ton of miles were put on the car. austin, brooklyn, philly, kansas city & chicago. done and done.
rain & i selling at renegade austin. look at all the pattern!
photo by the marvelous marybeth mungovan

me shopping in the CircaCeramics booth at renegade chicago. i bought a sweet orange zombie mug designed by matty8080.
caught on film by danny of renegade.

i had a week vacation in between craft fairs and was able to hang out with my philly friends and eat as much water ice as possible. one evening we made homemade fireworks (actually safer than you'd think!)
check out the video below...i posted ryan's firework spin because it was one of the better ones.

now i'm working working working in the stu stu studio...lotsa upcoming deadlines. the summer heat was brutal - working in a 90 degree studio was a bit draining.
stay tuned for more...and a taxidermy update
(i know it's what you've been waiting for).

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