Sunday, November 18, 2012

Guerilla Mug Assault : Philadelphia

i'm pleased to say 10 mugs of mine were a part of the Guerilla Mug Assault.  i wish i was in philly that day so i could witness this cool project! say YES to handmade!
"On November 8, 2012, The Clay Studio hit the streets of Philadelphia.  Stationed at six different locales with both foot traffic and an abundance of coffee shops, teams gave away 500 beautifully crafted handmade ceramic mugs to 500 individuals with disposable cups.  A tag attached to each mug included information about the project, the mugs maker, and The Clay Studios blog address with a statement encouraging the recipient to post about their experiences using their chosen mug and the relationship they develop with it."

get mugged!

 2 of the 10 mugs i sent to the clay studio. 
Dot Dot Rounded Square Mugs.

 i hope you enjoy your Dot Dot Oval Mug!

the clay studio is collecting responses...check out their blog!

(photos courtesy of the clay studio) 

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