Wednesday, August 13, 2008

germany part 2: the factory

our first week of factory work is complete.
our studio is located in the closest corner 3rd floor.

upon entering the factory there is a store front and you are greeted by a chandelier bursting with flowers.

in the courtyard... a porcelain cemetary if you will.
first day in the factory, a view of my space with some molds starting to be poured.
we were given full reign over 4 different animal molds: pug dog, duck, swan & rooster. there are also an assortment of little extra things here and there: bases, handles, flowers & leaves, etc.
below is a crappy picture of the pug dog assembled in the dresden porcelain store front window.

the parts (sans ears) needed to assemble this bad boy.
i assembled two dogs...both with reconstructed ears to be more like a french bulldog instead of a pug.

french bulldog with modified tail and ears and the original with slightly stretched ears.
check out the rooster in the back.
i am also casting and assembling chicken feet.

the beginnings of some porcelain taxidermy plaques.
a duck, pug, and goose/swan with chicken feet antlers.

new mac commercial?
blogging in the dresden main train station.

next update: the trip to meissen!

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