Wednesday, August 6, 2008

gremany part 1

i made it to dresden...but we're staying in freital.
internet is scarce so i'm mooching off the train station's restaurant.
saw some of the sights in dresden.
here is augustus the strong in all his golden super shiny glory.

the zwinger and skyline view from the zwinger's upper balcony.

the procession of princes. 60,000 porcelain meissen tiles make up this badass block.

augustus again, here he's rockin' a cheetah cape, also a detail of a lovely crow.

next update will be about the factory and the work happening there.
a sneak peek at the wheelbarrow in the courtyard of the factory.


Naomi Cleary said...

oh it looks amazing. i wish i was there too. stay safe and make amazing things!!! and give steven a hard time for me

janieb said...

Is it possible to post photos of Meiseen bears? Old ones...eighteenth century-ish?