Wednesday, August 13, 2008

germany part 3: meissen

our first weekend here, we took a trip out to meissen. outside the factory is a monument to bottger...the guy who discovered porcelain in europe 300 yrs ago.
the meissen versions of the animals we're casting in dresden.
please excuse the crappiness of the photos...all the porcelain was behind glass.
ice cream anyone?
cup and saucer for hot chocolate.
there's a built in guard so that you can drink hot chocolate in bed and not have it spill. oo la la.
close up of some crazy flower work.
highlights of my favorite animals.
check out the squirrels insane ears.
the easily copied meissen logo.

next update: back at the factory.
internet is scare so who knows when the next post will be!
stay tuned...

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