Tuesday, August 19, 2008

germany part 5: the factory continued

we figured out that we have used around 150 liters of slip during our time here.
word on the street, we might have too much work to fit in the kiln.

the double headed duos.
rooster plaque with green leaves.

a set of 3 tiles with their screen printed progression.

it gets harder to recognize the added layers when it becomes saturated near the end.
my last "fancy schmancy" plaque.
today we sprayed glaze.
wednesday the kiln is loaded, thursday it's fired...
friday we see everything in its full glory.
we're keeping our fingers crossed.

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eyeslikesugar said...

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful!!! I do hope they survive the kiln! Eagerly awaiting the re-opening of your Etsy store, soon. =D Hope all is well.