Thursday, March 25, 2010

in progress

my new work in progress.

paper stencils & thermofax screenings.

getting ready for the bisque kiln.

3 settings bisqued.

first round of glazing. lined & waxed.


all the work traveled to philadelphia safely! finished pics coming soon.


Cinderelish said...

I have no idea what a thermofax screening is, but I know I like it. Your new work is amazing!

my santo said...

i cheated and went to your website! whoa! this work is awesome! you will return from nceca empty handed! somewhere there is a joke about shiting where you eat, i just haven't nailed it yet. dang on, that stuff is good looking!

wait i got it, nope not yet, it'll come.

meredith host said...

thermofax screening is pretty much like silk screening.
thermofaxes are a specific kind of old copy's kinda like an older - larger gocco printer. you can have screens printed in seconds! i love it a whole lot.